The Top 10 Ray Tracing Games to Showcase Your Nvidia RTX 4090

The Top 10 Ray Tracing Games to Showcase Your Nvidia RTX 4090

The recently released Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics card brings extraordinary ray tracing performance and visuals. With its advanced RT Cores and 3rd generation Tensor Cores, the RTX 4090 can handle ray-traced lighting, shadows, reflections and more at high resolutions and frame rates.

If you’ve upgraded to an RTX 4090, you’ll want games that can show off its capabilities. Here are the top ray tracing games that will let your RTX 4090 shine.

1. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 features cutting-edge ray-traced effects that were demanding even for previous-generation GPUs like the RTX 3090. With the RTX 4090, you can now run Cyberpunk 2077 at over 100 FPS at 4K with all ray tracing effects enabled.

Ray-traced reflections are present on all surfaces like shiny cars and building windows. Diffuse illumination casts accurate shadows and global illumination creates realistically lit interiors as sunlight filters through. Cyberpunk also uses ray-traced ambient occlusion for more depth and contact shadows.

Night City looks incredible with RTX fully enabled. The advanced lighting creates an immersive atmosphere and ultra-realistic look that wasn’t possible before the RTX 4090 and its 3rd generation RT cores. Cyberpunk 2077 sets a new standard for ray tracing visuals in an open-world setting.

2. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered adds several ray tracing upgrades over the original PS4 release. On PC, you can enable enhanced reflections, contact shadows, improved shadows and ambient occlusion.

Swinging through Manhattan at over 120 FPS with ray tracing enabled transforms the look of the game. Puddles reflect accurately, glass surfaces showcase reflections, shadows are softened and indirect lighting fills in areas realistically.

With the power of the RTX 4090, Marvel’s Spider-Man can run at a silky smooth framerate while still delivering stunning ray-traced visuals. It’s an excellent showcase of real-time ray tracing applied to a superhero open world.

3. Microsoft Flight Simulator

As a realistic flight simulation, Microsoft Flight Simulator puts ray tracing to great use for accurately lit and reflected environments. It was already highly demanding, but the RTX 4090 can handle its ray tracing features even in demanding areas.

Ray-traced reflections on aircraft are a visual treat, while global illumination and ambient occlusion create impressive landscape lighting. From low aerial views to high altitudes, the world is rendered in beautiful detail.

Microsoft Flight Simulator remains an ideal way to see ray tracing applied across an expansive open world. No other game simulates the entire planet in real-time with this level of visual quality.

4. Control

Remedy Entertainment’s supernatural action game Control has an eerie atmosphere defined by its lighting. Ray tracing completely transforms its visuals with reflected surfaces, contact shadows and diffuse lighting.

Nvidia even includes Control as one of its featured ray-tracing demos. The RTX 4090 delivers a smooth experience with maxed settings at 4K resolution. Control runs at high frame rates while still having shadows, lighting and reflections rendered with realistic ray tracing.

Control exemplifies how a well-optimized game can integrate ray tracing without losing performance, even without the benefit of DLSS 3. It’s a superb case study in effective real-time ray tracing.

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5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Activision’s latest Call of Duty entry adds ray tracing for better shadows, ambient occlusion and more. On the RTX 4090, Modern Warfare II runs at high frame rates with all ray tracing enabled at 4K.

Ray-traced shadows have more natural penumbras and smooth transitions between light and dark areas. Reflections are also more accurate and ambient occlusion adds new depth.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II multiplayer maps shine with ray-tracing effects. The fast pacing is kept smooth thanks to the horsepower of the RTX 4090. This is the most demanding Call of Duty game for ray tracing yet.

6. Fortnite

The world’s most popular battle royale game also offers ray tracing support. Fortnite uses ray-traced reflections and ambient occlusion which enhance its colorful, competitive gameplay.

On the RTX 4090, you can enable ray tracing in Fortnite while exceeding 100 FPS at 4K resolution. Even in intense firefights the frame rate won’t drop noticeably, while the visuals have a new level of realism.

Fortnite is a good example of how competitive games can integrate ray tracing without losing performance. The RTX 4090 has power to spare even in this fast-paced, online shooter.

7. Minecraft

The world’s best-selling video game has an official ray tracing update that overhauls its lighting and emissive textures. Minecraft with ray tracing enabled takes on an entirely different look.

Light interacts properly with blocks, illuminating surfaces accurately based on their material properties. Water reflects naturally, shadows are softened and volumetric fog beams down through tree canopies.

Minecraft might not be intensive compared to other games, but it’s an excellent example of ray tracing applied to a voxel-based game. The RTX 4090 breezes through its ray tracing features for a beautiful blocky world.

8. Portal with RTX

Valve gave the classic game Portal a full ray tracing makeover with advanced effects. Reflections are present on all surfaces. Global illumination fills in indirect lighting. Plus there are new volumetric effects like god rays shining through holes.

This remake of Portal lets you re-experience one of the best games of all time with completely transformed visuals unlocked by the RTX 4090’s power. It’s a great blend of innovative ray-traced effects in a classic designed setting.

Portal with RTX sets the standard for revitalizing older games with modern graphics and real-time ray-traced illumination.

9. Atomic Heart

The upcoming action RPG Atomic Heart features Nvidia RTX support with ray-traced reflections, shadows and global illumination. Early analysis shows it can stress even the RTX 4090 to maintain 60 FPS at max settings.

Atomic Heart’s sci-fi world comes to life with precise lighting and believable reflections on glass and metal surfaces. Its varied environments are great at showing off the advantages of ray tracing technologies.

Once released, Atomic Heart should give RTX 4090 owners a proper graphical workload with all its dazzling ray-tracing effects. It could become a new standard for beautiful lighting in games.

10. Justice RTX

Justice is an interactive, cinematic experience revolving around a single interrogation scene. Nvidia RTX enhances its visuals with accurate reflections, shadows, and global illumination befitting its photorealistic goals.

Everything in the meticulously crafted interrogation room is believably lit and reflected thanks to ray tracing. Justice RTX shows how the technology can enhance story-driven titles beyond just fast-paced action games.

With Justice’s cinematic approach, it’s almost closer to an animated film than a traditional game. The addition of ray tracing via Nvidia RTX GPUs brings its visual authenticity to new heights.

Unleash the Power of Your RTX 4090

If you’ve upgraded to Nvidia’s flagship GPU, these games will let you see what it can really do. They provide a diverse range of gameplay while integrating ray tracing for cutting-edge visuals not possible before.

The extra ray tracing power from the RTX 4090’s 3rd generation RT cores and DLSS 3 support help these titles run at excellent 4K frame rates. With performance to spare, your RTX 4090 can fully flex its graphical muscle.

Ray tracing is redefining gaming visuals. And the RTX 4090 sits at the pinnacle for consumers, delivering truly high-end performance. These games are geared to take full advantage, for an experience only possible with the latest advancements from Nvidia.

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