Fortnite’s “Big Bang” Event Ushers in New Era Amidst Eminem Collaboration Rumors

Fortnite’s “Big Bang” Event Ushers in New Era Amidst Eminem Collaboration Rumors

Epic Games has announced an upcoming in-game event for Fortnite that seems primed to fundamentally shift the landscape of the wildly popular battle royale game. Dubbed the “Big Bang,” the event scheduled for December 2nd promises to mark a “new beginning” for Fortnite, although concrete details remain scarce. Rumors and leaks, however, point to intriguing collaborations and game mode additions on the horizon that could drastically evolve the Fortnite universe.

When and What We Know About Big Bang

As per an announcement from Epic, the Big Bang event commences at 11AM PT/2PM ET on December 2nd. Players can join the server 30 minutes early to secure a spot for what the studio has teased as their largest in-game event yet in terms of technical scope and impact on Fortnite lore.

While specifics are being kept under wraps, dataminers digging into the game’s files discovered event assets topping over 100GB in size. This represents the single largest content update Fortnite has ever seen, hinting at sweeping changes to the game’s map geography, gameplay elements, and possibly even art style and graphics.

Epic warns that the event will feature flashing visual effects and advises players to consult a doctor before participating if they have any history of photosensitive medical issues. The studio notes that even players not diagnosed with conditions like epilepsy can potentially experience adverse effects from the graphics and recommends immediately stopping play if any discomfort is felt.

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What to Expect Narratively

What exactly players can expect storywise remains a mystery. But rumors stemming from data mining efforts suggest Fortnite’s lore and characters could be radically altered, evolving the narrative into a new chapter. Leaks indicate many of the game’s canonical figures like Jones and the Seven may play major roles in the event, fundamentally shifting their stories going forward.

Gameplay and Map Changes

On the gameplay front, while concrete details are unknown, the “Big Bang” moniker has players speculating that a massive in-game explosion or phenomenon could permanently alter the landscape and terrain of the Fortnite map. Some leaks indicate landmarks like Tilted Towers could be destroyed, replaced with mysterious otherworldly locales teeming with new dangers and loot.

If the map does transform significantly, gameplay may evolve to accommodate new traversal challenges, combat scenarios, and story threads. Unconfirmed leaks also hint at possible new vehicle types to navigate mysterious terrains potentially emerging after the Big Bang event.

Eminem and Lego Collaborations Rumored

References to the iconic rapper Eminem have been uncovered in the game’s files, suggesting he could be featured either as an in-game character, via a musical collaboration, or through creative content.

Lego, the popular interlocking brick toy company, is also reportedly getting a Fortnite crossover. Rumors point to Lego-themed cosmetics or even builds making their way into Epic’s metaverse. Just today, the official Lego Group Twitter account posted a teaser image depicting the Fortnite llama mascot seemingly constructed out of Lego bricks. This has fans convinced a Lego x Fortnite collaboration could emerge in the coming days.

New Game Modes Also Hinted At

Even more intriguing are file references to a potential rhythm/music game mode as well as racing. It’s speculated these could debut as limited time modes following the Big Bang event, offering fans exciting new ways to play. Competitive and cooperative new modes would provide interesting twists on the core Fortnite formula.

Fortnite’s Next Evolution Could be Its Biggest

If Big Bang lives up to even a fraction of these rumors, it may well usher in Fortnite’s most impactful period of evolution yet. With the metaverse-focused ambitions of Epic Games, there’s no telling just how dramatically the event might alter the Fortnite landscape. We’ll find out soon when the Big Bang rocks the Fortnite universe on December 2nd.

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