The Building Blocks of Gaming: LEGO and Fortnite Partnership Creates Over 1,200 Minifigure Skins

The Building Blocks of Gaming: LEGO and Fortnite Partnership Creates Over 1,200 Minifigure Skins

Gamers and LEGO fans alike have reason to get excited as LEGO and Epic Games strengthen their partnership to bring over 1,200 minifigure outfits to the wildly popular game Fortnite on December 7th. This collaboration seamlessly interlocks the LEGO brand with Fortnite through LEGO-inspired outfits and a new game mode.

Announced following yesterday’s show stopping Big Bang live event, Fortnite will unveil the LEGO-based adventure mode for players to enjoy survival crafting fun in a LEGO world. Accompanying this mode is the ability to customize minifigure characters with a vast array of skin options – exponentially expanding the creative potential.

Understanding the LEGO Fortnite Integration

For clarity surrounding the LEGO Fortnite Collab, here is a breakdown of what players can expect when the v28.00 update deploys on December 7th:

  • LEGO-Themed Adventure Crafting Mode: Escape the loop and battle for survival with building mechanics akin to traditional LEGO games.
  • Minifigure Character Customization: Over 1,200 outfits transform popular Fortnite skins into LEGO minifigure versions called “LEGO Styles.” These will automatically populate in player lockers at no cost.
  • Expanding Selection Over Time: LEGO plans to continuously release new minifigure outfits beyond the initial 1,200+ at launch.
  • Linked Account Reward: Players who connect their LEGO and Epic Games accounts will receive an exclusive Explorer Emilie outfit on December 7th.

This integration hammered home Fortnite’s commitment to metaverse building through partnerships with major brands and IPs like Marvel, Dragon Ball, and now LEGO.

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Broader Impacts of Epic Games’ Partnership Approach

Industry professionals praise Epic Games for spearheading fruitful collaborations that transcend gaming itself. Fortnite now sits in a class of its own as a cultural touchpoint that enables mega-brands to tap into gaming and metaverse endeavors.

Other powerful partnerships have included:

  • Marvel (Thanos, Avengers)
  • Star Wars (Lightsabers)
  • Jordan Brand (Air Jordans)
  • Dragon Ball (Goku, Vegeta)
  • Radio Caca (USM Metaverse Token)

According to SuperData CEO Craig Chapple, Epic Games is “creating partnerships that extend the life and scope of its audience,” generating over $5 billion annually.

Skeptics initially wrote Fortnite off as a passing fad, but its collaborations embed its characters into pop culture for generations. And for LEGO, this represents expanding its consumer reach in a digital-first era.

The Bottom Line

With over 1,200 Minifigure skins and a LEGO-inspired game mode, the LEGO x Fortnite crossover stands to engage young fans of multiplayer gaming and physical construction toys alike.

Both brands expertly combined forces without compromising individual integrity, ultimately heightening authenticity and enjoyment for players globally. LEGO brings a new dimension of creativity to the Fortnite metaverse, and Epic Games grants LEGO appeal to modern youth. This partnership symbolizes the monumental impact possible when brands thoughtfully collaborate.

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