Unlock Free Fortnite Outfit By Connecting LEGO and Epic Games Accounts

Unlock Free Fortnite Outfit By Connecting LEGO and Epic Games Accounts

Gamers and LEGO fans alike have a new reason to connect their Epic Games and LEGO accounts. Epic Games recently announced an exclusive Fortnite outfit that players can unlock at no cost by linking their Epic and LEGO accounts.

The new outfit is called the Explorer Emilie outfit and features both LEGO and Fortnite styles. It’s part of LEGO’s new Fortnite product line that brings the popular video game into LEGO brick form.

Benefits of Connecting Accounts

Connecting your Epic and LEGO accounts unlocks some cool benefits beyond just the free Explorer Emilie outfit. Here’s what you can access:

  • LEGO Insiders Club members can customize their LEGO avatar with the Explorer Emilie outfit. There’s also an exclusive new badge they can earn.
  • All players will be able to sign into their Epic Games account using their LEGO login credentials. This streamlines the login process.

How to Connect Accounts

If you’re ready to connect your accounts and claim your free outfit, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your Epic Games account
  2. Go to the Account page and select “Apps and Accounts
  3. Click “Connect” next to LEGO account option
  4. You’ll be redirected to LEGO site to finish connecting accounts

Once your accounts are linked, you’ll receive the Explorer Emilie gift box automatically in Fortnite. Just open it to access the outfit.

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The LEGO Fortnite Connection

This account-linking promotion coincides with LEGO’s new line of Fortnite building sets and minifigures. Fans can now bring their favorite parts of the popular Battle Royale game into the real world with LEGO bricks.

The building sets let gamers construct iconic locations from the Fortnite maps. Popular skins like Cuddle Team Leader and Raven have also been transformed into LEGO minifigures.

Epic Games has collaborated with many major brands in the past to bring unique in-game rewards to players. However, this LEGO partnership takes customization to new heights for Fortnite fans.

Connect Today for Free Reward

If you haven’t linked your Epic and LEGO accounts yet, now is the time. It only takes a few minutes, and the payoff is immediate with the Explorer Emilie outfit added to your locker.

Epic Games has not indicated how long this promotion will last, so connect your accounts today to make sure you don’t miss out. The whole process can be done online in just a few clicks.

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