New Salvage Yard Business Comes to GTA Online in Latest DLC

New Salvage Yard Business Comes to GTA Online in Latest DLC

Rockstar Games has released the highly anticipated Chop Shop update for GTA Online on all platforms. This winter update brings an illicit Salvage Yard business to the streets of Los Santos along with various quality of life improvements for players.

Available Now for Download

As of December 12th, the GTA Online Chop Shop content can now be downloaded on PlayStation 5 (6.212GB), PlayStation 4 (3GB), Xbox Series X|S (13.3GB), Xbox One (3.33GB), and PC via Rockstar Games Launcher (2.28GB) or Steam (2.4GB). This is the last major update for GTA Online in 2023.

Focus on Illegal Vehicle Trading

The core addition in this update is an all-new Salvage Yard property allowing players to profit from the procurement and parting out of damaged vehicles obtained by dubious means. Various NPC characters offer an assortment of missions and challenges related to this underground business of automobile destruction and trafficking of stolen parts.

Players can recruit staff members to keep their chop shop operations running smoothly as well as acquire their car crusher to destroy evidence when needed. High-end stolen cars can also be sold fully intact for big cash rewards if retrieved unscratched during intense chase sequences against the cops or rival crews.

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Enhanced Open World Immersion

Aside from the illegal chop shop operations, fans can also expect enhanced ambient life with wildlife finally populating the open world. New animals include coyotes, wild boar, and mule deer that can be hunted or photographed by players exploring off-road areas and the great outdoors. This update diversifies the ecosystem and makes the environment feel more dynamic.

Quality of Life Upgrades

Additional quality-of-life upgrades allow personal vehicle storage to be expanded to 100 spaces combined across all properties. The Interaction Menu has also been streamlined for easier navigation and requests. Players can now readily move vehicles between all their garage spaces with no delay or impound fees saving huge amounts of time.

Other improvements include being able to launch various business sell missions directly from the Interaction Menu. A new vehicle menu has also been added exclusively for weaponized vehicles to avoid accidental weapon discharges.

With expanded criminal enterprise opportunities through the new Salvage Yard business and long-requested tweaks to core systems, the Chop Shop update delivers meaningful new content to keep Los Santos dangerous and exciting. As always, more free updates for GTA Online are planned in the coming year.

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