Score Spooky Savings in the GTA Online Halloween Update

Score Spooky Savings in the GTA Online Halloween Update

The streets of Los Santos are filled with tricks, treats, and discounts galore as part of the GTA Online Halloween update. Rockstar Games has unleashed a frightening amount of deals on vehicles, bunkers, and upgrades that will save players loads of virtual cash.

Announced on October 13th, the Halloween Surprise update adds creepy ambient occult sightings, double GTA$ and RP on Halloween modes, and perhaps most importantly, serious savings on in-game cars, properties, and modifications.

For thrill-seeking drivers and entrepreneurs looking to expand their criminal empires, these holiday discounts offer the perfect opportunity to score that dream ride or upgrade at a fraction of the regular GTA$ price. We’ve broken down all the major discounts below.

Up to 40% Off Select Vehicles

Some of the most exciting and expensive supercars in GTA Online are now available at steep discounts, letting players add these status-symbol vehicles to their garage without breaking the bank.

The classy, custom-built Grotti GT500 sports car delivers slick speed and style. Normally $885,000, it’s now just $531,000 – a 40% price slash.

The ultra-quick Annis S80RR supercar brings track-ready performance to the streets of Los Santos. It now costs $732,000 instead of $1.22 million after a 40% discount.

Other discounted vehicles include:

  • Vapid Peyote Gasser – A hot-rod take on the classic Vapid Peyote, now only $495,000 (40% off)
  • Vapid FMJ – A sleek supercar inspired by the Ford GT, just $550,000 (40% off)
  • Karin Technical Aqua – An amphibious pickup truck perfect for off-road fun, now $717,000 (40% off)

With top speeds over 130 mph, these vehicles let players race around the city with pace and style for much less green.

More Ways to Save on Vehicles

In addition to the select vehicle discounts above, there are other great ways to save on rides during the Halloween event:

  • Podium Vehicle – The new Albany Fränken Stange is free on the Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel. Spin daily for a shot at this creepy rod.
  • LS Car Meet Rep Trade Price – Get loyalty discounts on the Annis Euros, Dinka RT3000, and Übermacht Zion Classic with enough LS Car Meet Rep.
  • Hao’s Special Works – Upgrade select vehicles like the Grotti Turismo Classic and Annis ZR350 for extra speed and style.
  • Auto Shop Contracts – Earn extra cash from the Union Depository and Bank Contract finales to put towards new vehicles.

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Up to 30% Off Bunkers

For those looking to run a criminal enterprise, bunkers are also on sale to produce illicit products and turn illegal profits.

All bunkers are now 30% cheaper, meaning major savings whether you’re just starting out or expanding an existing bunker business. With the additional 30% discount on all bunker upgrades and modifications, you can build the bunker of your dreams for a fraction of the usual cost.

Upgrade Your Bunker Operations

Don’t miss out on upgrading your bunker’s profit potential with discounted equipment and additions:

  • Manufacturing Equipment – Increase production capability for more stock faster.
  • Security Center – Beefed up surveillance and defense against police raids.
  • Weaponized Vehicle Workshop – Customize weaponized vehicles like the Mobile Operations Center.
  • Personal Quarters – Add living spaces and shooting range for comfort and training.
  • Transportation – Improve delivery vehicles to reliably move more stock.

This is the perfect opportunity to maximize your underground facility and productivity.

Complete Ghosts Exposed for a $250K Reward

Part of the Halloween update includes a challenge to locate and reveal ghosts across Los Santos. Completing the Ghosts Exposed collection nets you a tidy $250,000 GTA$ reward.

With this cash injection, you can quickly buy one of the discounted vehicles above or put it towards a new bunker location. Finding all 10 ghosts is no easy task, but well worth the lucrative payout.

Strategies for Finding the Ghosts

Tracking down all the ghosts before November 1st takes patience and an investigative approach. Here are some tips:

  • Search at night when the ghosts are active.
  • Listen for audio cues like creepy laughter.
  • Equip thermal goggles to help spot ghosts.
  • Check previously haunted locations like the Zancudo swamps.
  • Team up with other players to cover more ground.

Time is Limited on Halloween Deals

Like many holiday sales, the GTA Online Halloween discounts won’t last forever. Make sure to act quickly if you want to score these savings before the deals vanish like ghosts in the night on November 1st.

Review all the eligible discounts and calculate exactly how much money you’ll save on your dream car or ideal bunker business. With huge savings like 40% off vehicles, now is the ideal time to step up your criminal enterprise and presence on the streets of Los Santos.

Whether you’re a casual driver or hardened crime boss, don’t miss out on grabbing these spooky savings before time runs out. With the expanded versatility of a new vehicle and increased productivity of upgraded bunker operations, you’ll keep these savings working for you long after Halloween.

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