GTA Online Halloween Spooktacular Rolls On With Jack O’Lanterns, Masks, and Double Rewards

GTA Online Halloween Spooktacular Rolls On With Jack O’Lanterns, Masks, and Double Rewards

Rockstar Games has released their weekly GTA Online update for October 26th, delivering more Halloween-themed content and bonuses. Players can hunt down over 200 hidden Jack O’Lanterns, earn double rewards on spooky modes, and unlock free masks just by logging in.

Hunt Down Over 200 O’Lanterns Hidden Across the Map

In the spirit of Halloween, Rockstar has tucked away over 200 Jack O’Lanterns throughout the entire GTA Online map for players to find. Locating all 200 pumpkins within a single 24-hour period will unlock a special pumpkin t-shirt.

These glowing decorations are hidden in a variety of sneaky spots like rooftops, alleyways, and underwater caves. Finding them encourages exploration of the massive open world and brings some seasonal fun. Completing this challenge requires dedication and likely cooperation with other players in sessions.

Show Off Your Spooky Side With Frightful New Masks

Rockstar has added several creepy new masks to the clothing options this week, enabling players to get their terrifying Halloween costumes ready. Choices include horror icons like the Psycho Slasher wearing a creepy old mask and wielding a huge knife.

Other standout masks include the Red-Nosed Wolf with blood around its mouth, the Mummy with ancient sarcophagus wrappings, and the Hook Man featuring a menacing shiny hook. Players can combine these masks with equally frightening outfits to maximize the nightmare fuel.

Double Rewards Across Halloween Modes and Missions

To encourage playing Halloween-themed content, Rockstar has activated 2X GTA$ and RP bonuses across multiple modes:

  • Slasher: One player is the killer hunting down survivors trying to escape in the dark
  • Judgment Day: Cults and authorities battle for control of Bolingbroke Penitentiary
  • Lost vs Damned: Angels and demons wield sawed-offs and melee weapons in close quarters maps
  • Alien Survivals: Hold off increasingly difficult waves of hostile extraterrestrials
  • Bunker Sell Missions: Earn bonus cash when moving bunker weapon stock

Additionally, associates and bodyguards will earn 3X their regular salary, making teamwork very lucrative this week.

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Unlock Exclusive Masks Just for Playing

Rockstar is offering two free mask unlocks for participating in GTA Online this week:

  • White Vintage Skull: Play for at least 30 minutes to obtain this clean white skull mask with etched accents.
  • Conquest, Famine, War, or Death: Participate in any Event Cargo Business Battle to earn one of these four horror-themed masks.

These masks would normally cost a small fortune at clothing stores. Players can expand their mask collection quickly this week by simply logging in and completing very achievable goals.

Spin the Wheel For a Chance to Win the New Karin Everon

This week’s Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel podium vehicle is the recently added Karin Everon SUV. This rugged off-roader packs a powerful 5.7L V8 engine, chunky tires, and spacious seating for four.

Landing on the vehicle spot grants the $1.4 million Everon for free. GTA Online players can spin the Lucky Wheel once daily for a chance at this impressive new SUV. With its performance and customization options, the Everon is well worth trying your luck.

HSW Time Trial Offers $250,000 Prize

Rockstar has added a new HSW Time Trial exclusively for next-gen console players this week. The challenging course runs through Textile City and up to Stab City. Players who beat the par time in a HSW upgraded vehicle will earn a tidy $250,000.

The regular time trial takes place along Grove Street with a $100,000 cash reward for setting a fast time. Veterans and newcomers alike will enjoy putting their driving skills to the test while earning serious bonus cash.

Halloween Updates Will Continue Through November

Rockstar has confirmed that new Halloween-themed GTA Online updates will continue rolling out over the next two weeks. This means we can expect more hidden surprises, horror game modes, and seasonal rewards leading up to Halloween next Monday.

With this latest update, Rockstar delivers a frightful dose of new masks, double rewards, and freebies. The Halloween event continues gaining momentum in GTA Online, so be sure to log in and join the fun over the next few weeks.

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