Hogwarts Legacy Fans Clamor for Azkaban DLC

Hogwarts Legacy Fans Clamor for Azkaban DLC

Hogwarts Legacy, the highly anticipated open-world action RPG set in the magical world of Harry Potter, has yet to be released but fans are already dreaming up ideas for future downloadable content. The most popular request from the passionate fanbase is for an expansion that would allow players to explore the infamous wizard prison Azkaban.

Announced two years ago, Hogwarts Legacy will let players experience life as a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 1800s. While the core game promises to bring the iconic castle and grounds to life, fans believe a dark, gritty storyline involving infamous Azkaban would make for perfect DLC.

Azkaban Prison Holds Important Place in Harry Potter Lore

Azkaban prison, first introduced in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, is an imposing tower located on a remote island in the North Sea. The prison is guarded by soul-sucking Dementors and houses the wizarding world’s most dangerous criminals.

Azkaban has played a significant role throughout the Harry Potter stories. Notorious prisoners like notorious murderer Sirius Black and evil Bellatrix Lestrange serve as antagonists. And the horror of being sentenced there is captured in Prisoner of Azkaban when the innocent Hagrid is wrongfully sent to Azkaban.

For these reasons, Azkaban holds a unique place in the lore, causing fans to eagerly wish to someday explore its cold stone walls. “It was such a big part of the books and movies that it feels important enough for its own story,” says Reddit user u/AccioAzkaban.

Daring Azkaban Questline Proposed

A post on the Hogwarts Legacy subreddit gained traction when user u/MoonySaidAzkaban proposed a DLC featuring a questline set in the wizard prison. Their concept involves either breaking an innocent character out of Azkaban or being tasked with tracking down a dangerous escaped prisoner.

“Just imagine walking through those halls lit only by flickering torches, hearing prisoners muttering in their cells, while Dementors glide by trying to steal your happiness,” describes u/MoonySaidAzkaban. They point to the Mission: Impossible-style breakout of Sirius Black from the books as inspiration for an equally thrilling quest.

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Fans Support Azkaban as Natural Fit for Hogwarts Legacy

The Azkaban DLC concept instantly garnered widespread enthusiasm within the Hogwarts Legacy community. Supporters cited how it would allow for more Dark wizarding world storytelling while also introducing new gameplay elements like the Expecto Patronum spell to fend off Dementors.

“Azkaban is the perfect gloomy setting for an expansion. It would bring a refreshing dark tone after the main story at Hogwarts,” explains Redditor u/mypatronusisadementor.

Fans say an Azkaban DLC would open the door for appearances by major Harry Potter characters who were imprisoned there like Bellatrix Lestrange and notorious escapee Sirius Black. While unconfirmed, fans hope to see cameos from important antagonists to tie into the prison storyline.

Excitement Builds for Additional DLC Possibilities

While Azkaban tops the list of requested DLC, fans are already dreaming up additional ideas. Popular suggestions include DLC that would let players explore Diagon Alley, the Ministry of Magic, and even fantasy settings like Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft in America.

“The wizarding world is so vast, the possibilities are endless for where DLC could take us!” says Redditor u/AccioDLCSuggestions, summing up the enthusiasm.

Release Date Awaited as Fans Hunger for More

For now, fans eagerly await more news on the highly anticipated 2022 release of Hogwarts Legacy. But the overwhelmingly positive response to an Azkaban expansion shows players are already hungry for more adventures in the magical world beyond what the core game will offer.

Publisher Portkey Games has yet to confirm any DLC plans. But if fan reaction is any indication, an Azkaban questline could be the perfect grim addition to the game’s Hogwarts-centric story when the time comes. Whenever additional content is announced, fans will be ready to re-enter the wizarding world.


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Hogwarts Legacy Azkaban DLC
Azkaban DLC
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