New Nintendo Switch System Update 17.0.0 Released: Focuses on Stability Improvements and Undocumented Changes

New Nintendo Switch System Update 17.0.0 Released: Focuses on Stability Improvements and Undocumented Changes

Nintendo has rolled out a new system update for the Nintendo Switch. Version 17.0.0 is now available and delivers a mix of stability enhancements along with undocumented internal changes according to reports.

The latest update comes nearly 6 years after the Switch first launched in 2017. Nintendo continues to refine and improve the aging console’s firmware to keep it running smoothly even late into its lifecycle.

Here are the full known details and analysis on what’s included in Nintendo Switch System Update 17.0.0 based on the company’s notes and confirmation from data-miners:

Enhanced System Stability to Fix Lingering Issues

As with most Switch firmware updates, the primary focus of version 17.0.0 is improving general system stability.

The official release notes from Nintendo simply state the update “improves system stability to enhance the user’s experience.” No specific issues are referenced, but stability fixes are always welcome.

From launch, the Switch has been relatively stable compared to past Nintendo consoles. But random crashes, freezes or slowdowns can occur over time. Problematic games may also trigger console crashes or freezes.

Nintendo routinely issues major system updates like 17.0.0 to squash elusive bugs plaguing users. Refined stability ensures games, apps and the operating system itself continue running optimally for the best user experience.

Gamers can expect smoother performance across the console interface and titles after updating. The extensive changes should fix lingering stability issues impacting some users.

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Undocumented System Software Changes to Optimize Performance

Beyond the mentioned stability improvements, Switch System Update 17.0.0 also introduces many undocumented changes under the hood.

Based on analysis by data-miners, virtually every major system component received updates. This includes the kernel, drivers, runtime libraries, services and more core software elements.

Updating these components is standard practice for major system updates per dataminers. It allows Nintendo to rebuild the OS using newer SDK versions for optimal compatibility and performance.

The low-level software updates bring the latest optimizations, security enhancements and compatibility fixes to the aging Switch hardware. Users may notice faster load times, smoother performance and improved compatibility after updating.

Other tweaks involve updated error code messaging, UI changes to the Switch HOME menu, revised time zone data and more. These changes modernize the console interface for usability and accessibility improvements.

Controversial Expansion of Banned Words List

One controversial change with System Update 17.0.0 is an expanded list of banned words for the Nintendo Switch.

According to reports, the terms “thot” and “reeee” were globally banned along with censor-evading Japanese slang. Additional offensive language was blocked across all languages as well.

This significantly expands the banned words filter to enforce stricter community standards concerning inappropriate content. However, some argue the stricter filters unfairly limit self-expression on the console.

The expanded banned words list limits how users can name their profiles and games. Mario fans will have to get creative without referencing common words now prohibited.

Preparing for the Future Nintendo Switch Successor

These ongoing firmware updates are crucial to keeping the aging Switch relevant going into the future.

In a recent statement, Nintendo confirmed they plan to support the current Switch model through 2023 at least. Major system updates ensure 6 year old hardware can still run new games and apps smoothly.

Rumors also point to a “Switch 2” successor system potentially releasing next year. While unconfirmed, the extensive 17.0.0 update seems to improve compatibility in preparation for a successor model.

Either way, keeping Switch system software updated is advised. Users gain access to the latest optimizations, features and stability fixes with each new firmware version.

How to Easily Install Nintendo Switch System Update 17.0.0

Installing the latest Nintendo Switch System Update 17.0.0 only takes a few minutes. Most Switch consoles should download it automatically if background updates are enabled.

To manually update, go to System Settings > System > System Update. Select “Via the Internet” if 17.0.0 is available to download and install now.

Once installed, Switch owners can enjoy the improved stability and array of enhancements packed into this release. Be aware of the expanded banned words list and other changes before updating.

Stay tuned for more details on the specific improvements rolled out in Nintendo Switch System Update 17.0.0 as they emerge. For now, updating provides the latest performance optimizations according to Nintendo’s development team.

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