Resident Evil 4 VR Brings Horror Classic to Next Generation

Resident Evil 4 VR Brings Horror Classic to Next Generation

Capcom has announced that PlayStation VR2 owners will soon be able to experience the survival horror classic Resident Evil 4 in a whole new way — in virtual reality.

A new free VR mode add-on for Resident Evil 4 Remake will launch on December 8, allowing PS5 players with the PlayStation VR2 headset to play through the entire critically-acclaimed main story campaign in VR. This marks the latest way that Capcom has kept Resident Evil 4 feeling fresh, from the recent addition of Ada Wong’s Separate Ways campaign to the upcoming VR mode.

Immersive Horror in Raccoon City

The VR mode is promising full 3D audio support for heightened immersion as players guide protagonist Leon S. Kennedy through nightmarish encounters with Ganado enemies and iconic boss battles. Gamers will be able to physically aim, shoot, and reload an arsenal of weapons like Leon’s signature handgun using the PS VR2 Sense controllers.

For those eager to try before they buy, a free PSVR2 demo featuring a shooting range will also launch on December 8. This will give players a taste of the VR experience and weapon handling ahead of the full VR campaign launch.

Long-Awaited VR Support

Rumors of a VR mode first surfaced at the beginning of 2023. Capcom made things official by announcing Resident Evil 4 VR during a PlayStation State of Play stream in May. The trailer depicted tense scenes of Leon fending off attacks using VR aiming and showed glimpses of fan-favorite moments from the game.

It has been a big year for Resident Evil 4 Remake, having also added the Separate Ways side campaign in late September. The new content put players in control of secret agent Ada Wong and filled in critical story gaps from Leon’s journey in Resident Evil 4 original.

The Ada Wong DLC features new cutscenes portraying her side of the story as she evades capture and pieces together the Los Illuminados cult conspiracy. Gamers get to battle Ganado as the cunning Ada while unraveling plot threads leading up to her iconic encounter with Leon.

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Universal Acclaim

As one of the most revered video games of all time, it is no surprise to see Resident Evil 4 Remake earning Game of the Year award nominations. The horror revival is up for four awards at this year’s Game Awards on December 7, including the top prize.

The impending VR mode add-on shows Capcom’s commitment to keeping Resident Evil 4 relevant into the next generation of gaming. Early impressions of PlayStation VR2 have been overwhelmingly positive, making this a highly anticipated release for PS5 owners.

Bringing a Classic into VR

The ability to experience the entire Resident Evil 4 story including moments like the Village siege, Castle siege, and Island assault in VR represents a dream come true for longtime fans. It may be the closest gamers can get to becoming Leon S. Kennedy, at least until the inevitable Resident Evil 4 movie adaptation arrives. For PS5 gamers seeking a state-of-the-art horror experience, the wait is nearly over.

Capcom has a history of progressive Resident Evil VR support. Resident Evil 7 set a gold standard for VR horror games in 2017 with PS4 VR functionality. Last year saw Resident Evil Village receive a PC VR mode add-on to bring its lycan attacks to life in virtual reality. Now, PSVR2 players have the chance to step into Leon’s shoes against Los Ganados.

The VR mode promises to heighten classic boss confrontations like facing the lake monster Del Lago and surviving the spiked ceiling trap in the terrifying Hallucination sequence. Recent Resident Evil remakes have excelled at making aging content feel fresh with overhauled modern graphics, so a VR facelift for the Resident Evil 4 campaign could produce some truly nightmarish Ganado encounters.

For longtime fans of Resident Evil 4, this VR mode feels like a dream addition to an already stellar remake package. It shows that classics like Resident Evil 4 still have new ways to terrify modern gaming audiences nearly 20 years later. The free VR add-on hits PS5 on December 8 — a date that horror gaming fans likely already have circled on their calendars.

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