World of Tanks Rolls Out Jolly Holiday Ops with Vinnie Jones

World of Tanks Rolls Out Jolly Holiday Ops with Vinnie Jones

World of Tanks is embracing the holiday spirit by bringing renowned tough guy actor Vinnie Jones into the fold as their official Holiday Ambassador. The annual Holiday Ops event returns this year even bigger with Jones headlining the festivities from December 1 through January 8.

The centerpieces of this cheerful celebration are two holiday ops paths packed with missions, events, and themed rewards for players to unwrap. Commanders can take on a personal Santa’s Helper route filled with challenges tailored to solo success. The cooperative path puts community at the forefront, with factions working together towards milestones that will deck out maps and garages with festive décor.

Both roads lead to stockings stuffed with loot, including festive emblems & 3D styles, Holiday Ops themed consumables, Personal Reserves, and the menacing Charlemagne premium heavy tank at the final stage. But the highlight tank this year is the versatile British T9 medium, Old Reliable.

New Premium Tank: Old Reliable

The Old Reliable medium tank lives up to its moniker by being a reliable performer regardless of the battle conditions. Its armor profile and mobility make it comparable to veterans like the Centurion Mk. 5/1 and its rapid-firing cannon can dish out damage quickly.

This new premium tank’s name and exterior styling also pay homage to Vinnie Jones’ renowned toughness both on the pitch and silver screen by featuring an armor-plated wrap resembling weathered iron and timber. Players can further customize their Old Reliable with decorated holiday skins.

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Bringing His Signature Personality to the Spotlight

Vinnie Jones brings his trademark charm and talents for mayhem to World of Tanks as the Holiday Ops headliner. Famous for hard-hitting roles in movies like Snatch, X-Men: The Last Stand, and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Jones switches gears to embrace the playful cheer of this event.

He stars in the World of Tanks Holiday Ops trailer as the enforcement muscle for Mr. Claus himself. Jones barrels across wintry landscapes in a tank, ensuring all Commanders are staying on the ‘nice list’ during the holidays. It’s a jolly combination highlighting his mischievous humor and the explosive excitement of World of Tanks battles.

Within the game, players have multiple opportunities to interact with Vinnie Jones:

Santa’s Helper Rewards

The 2D stylized Vinnie Jones commander is earned by completing the Santa’s Helper Ops challenges tailored for solo success. Jones recorded over 250 custom voiceover lines for directing battles with his signature gruffness and cheer.

3D Holiday Commander

A high-fidelity Vinnie Jones 3D model steps into the spotlight as a premium commander available only during the Holiday Ops event. His sharp signature suit is smartly accessorized with Mr. Claus’ red coat and hat.

Spreading Holiday Joy Together

Holiday Ops continues the World of Tanks tradition of rallying players together for some holly jolly gaming. While solo commanders can find rewards along the Santa’s Helper path, the centerpiece is completing community challenges that deck the halls of maps & garages.

Special events will also take place on select weekends, including holiday themed modes and battles with an extra dose of festive foolery.

Vinnie Jones and World of Tanks are set to deliver a holiday season packed with glad tidings and tons of tankful cheer across PC, console and mobile. Jump into Holiday Ops when it goes live on December 1st for exclusive commanders, premium tanks, and celebrations perfect for this festive time of year!

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