Apex Legends: Ignite Set to Electrify on October 31st

Apex Legends: Ignite Set to Electrify on October 31st

Respawn Entertainment’s hit battle royale Apex Legends is powering up for its most electrifying season yet with Ignite, launching October 31st. This new season introduces major map changes, a new Legend, cross progression, Ranked updates, and more set to energize the game’s thriving community.

New Legend Conduit Brings Support and Offense

The new Legend joining the Apex Games in season Ignite is Conduit, an optimistic and charismatic character derived from Titanfall lore. As a support class, Conduit specializes in providing shields and speed to her teammates, while also offering solid offensive capabilities.

Her passive ability “Savior’s Speed” grants her a burst of speed when sprinting towards teammates outside of her tactical range. This allows her to quickly rush to an ally’s aid.

Conduit’s tactical “Radiant Transfer” generates temporary shields on a teammate while also granting Conduit the same shield buff. This dual effect makes it unique among other shield-generating abilities.

For her ultimate, Conduit employs “Energy Barricade” to deploy shield-jamming barricades that damage and slow enemies caught inside. This provides area denial and crowd control options.

Conduit’s versatility to play offensively or defensively should make her a dynamic Legend able to complement various team comps and strategies. Her focus on helping allies also brings more diversity to the support class.

Storm Point Map Sees Upheaval and New POIs

The tropical paradise of Storm Point endured a catastrophic storm, leaving parts of the map in ruins. While the skies have cleared, the damage has radically altered the landscape.

Most notably, the overall playable area of the map has been reduced, cutting out a large section of the top half. This should lead to more frequent encounters and action.

In the aftermath of the storm, new points of interest have also emerged, including:

  • Wattson’s Town Takeover: Wattson has rebuilt part of the damaged Command Center into a town with her colorful style.
  • Devastated Coast: The coastline has been battered, exposing shipwrecks and creating new combat spaces.
  • Lightning Rod: A new landmark POI with a gigantic lightning rod tower.

These new locations combined with the wreckage left behind promise exciting environmental variety for matches. More deadly wildlife have also been stirred up across the map.

Cross Progression Unites Accounts Across Platforms

A long-requested feature finally arriving with Ignite is cross progression, which will unite all cosmetics, purchases, and progress across platforms into one primary account.

This means players can seamlessly switch between playing on PC, console, and mobile without starting over. All unlocked skins, heirlooms, badges, trackers, and Battle Pass progress will carry over between linked accounts.

The implementation will automatically merge everything into the account with the highest overall level and most progress. This unified account can then be used on any supported platform.

Cross progression provides major convenience for Apex players who game across multiple devices. No more splitting time between separate accounts.

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Ranked Revamps Rewards, Matchmaking, and Restrictions

Ranked Leagues is also undergoing some renovations this season to improve the competitive experience. Several key changes are coming to the ranking system.

First, Ranked reward skydive trails are being removed and replaced with ranked-themed banner frames that players will permanently keep. This provides more lasting and achievable rewards.

Promotional matches are also being implemented, forcing players to compete and win in their new rank immediately after advancing tiers. This prevents coasting through ranks while avoiding play.

Finally, Legend and weapon restrictions based on party size are being lifted for trios in Ranked. This allows any pre-made squad combination regardless of size.

Together these Ranked updates aim to smooth out progression, improve matchmaking, and remove limitations.

Meta Shakeups and Post Malone Event Inbound

As with every Apex season, a meta shift is expected through balance changes to weapons and Legends. The early notes indicate a Red Tier “Skullpiercer Elite” version of the Wingman will be available in Care Packages, adding a devastating new weapon into the mix.

An exciting collaboration with rapper Post Malone is also slated for November 2nd, with details still unknown. His unique style mixed with Apex should make for an electrifying event.

And of course, Ignite will bring a fresh Battle Pass with themed skins, charms, emotes, and other cosmetics to earn.

The Most Electrifying Apex Season Yet

Based on the sweeping changes coming with Ignite, Respawn looks to be delivering their most ambitious and energizing Apex Legends season to date.

The new tropical paradise of Storm Point, versatile support Legend Conduit, long-awaited cross progression, Ranked updates, and teased Post Malone event give existing Apex players and newcomers alike plenty to be excited for when Ignite goes live on October 31st.

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