Destiny 2’s New Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon Arrives This Week with Intriguing Lore Connections

Destiny 2’s New Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon Arrives This Week with Intriguing Lore Connections

A formidable new three-player activity is arriving in Destiny 2 this week that promises to reward Guardians with powerful gear while uncovering dark secrets from the past. The new Warlord’s Ruin dungeon launches on December 1st, continuing the steady stream of new content in the Season of the Wish.

Warlord’s Ruin gets its name from the tyrannical Risen bandit kings that terrorized human settlements in the lawless Dark Age following the devastating Collapse. Guardians will delve into the crumbling stronghold of one such despot on a mission shrouded in mystery.

Launch Time and Purchase Details

The Warlord’s Ruin dungeon will be available starting at the daily reset on Friday, December 1st at 9AM PT. Access requires owning the Lightfall expansion and annual pass, or purchasing the separate Lightfall Dungeon Key for 2,000 Silver from Eververse.

Those looking to take on this foreboding new activity will want to be at the max 1580 power level to have the best chance of overcoming the severe challenges within. As usual, weapon/armor-level advantages will be enabled.

New Weapons and Armor Sets to Discover

Among the rewards Guardians will earn for braving the depths of the dungeon’s castle ruin are three new weapons – the Azimuth-D Hand Cannon, Other half Sword, and Souldrinker Machine Gun. The highly detailed armor set bears unmistakable Iron Lords insignia, suggesting strong ties in the dungeon’s story to the famous band of Risen warriors.

Players have also datamined several new armor mods that offer unique new build crafting options themed around close-quarters combat. There are sure to be other secrets waiting within the dungeon as well, with new exotic accessories, materials, consumables and cosmetics like emblems lingering in forgotten catacombs.

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Connections to Destiny 2’s Rich Lore

While Bungie has remained tight-lipped regarding the dungeon’s actual content, the name and description provide some tantalizing story hints. The castle ruin likely belonged to a particular ruthless Warlord whose buried history and past crimes will come into light. Finding what became of this tyrannical dictator could resolve long-abandoned story threads.

The name combined with Iron Lord iconography suggest this history could revolve around the famous brigade’s early days resisting Warlord expansion across the globe. It may finally detail the fate of legendary heroes like Lady Efrideet who have been missing for many years. The lore surrounding the mysterious exile Lady Saladin remains notoriously vague as well, perhaps hinted at here.

There are even theories that SIVA could make a return appearance given the nanotech plague’s role in the Iron Lords’ eventual downfall. Alternatively, some speculate this dungeon may reveal key details related to Queen Mara Sov or even the enigmatic Savathun herself given recent events. Unlocking such secrets would have huge implications for the overarching Lightfall/Final Shape storyline.

Get Ready for Day One Raid Race

The timing for Warlord’s Ruin adds further incentive for high-level players to tackle it immediately. Releasing just before the Day One Vow of the Disciple race, the powerful rewards from the dungeon could provide vital power level increases and build options at the crucial moment. Expect many elite clans to be laser-focused on this dungeon in preparation for the main raid event this weekend.

Warlord’s Ruin looks set to deliver a compelling experience on multiple fronts. Challenging combat, mysterious story revelations, and top-tier loot come together at the perfect moment. Destiny fans will be eager to discover what grim secrets lie buried in this ruined lair of a notorious warlord.

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