Race Into The Future With Fortnite’s New Rocket Racing Mode

Race Into The Future With Fortnite’s New Rocket Racing Mode

Fortnite continues to push the boundaries of online gaming with the introduction of their groundbreaking new Rocket Racing mode. This supersonic arcade racer allows players to get behind the wheel of rocket-powered battle cars and compete in heart-pounding races across the Fortnite universe.

Developed in partnership with Psyonix, the creators of fan-favorite Rocket League, Rocket Racing brings a bold new racing experience to Fortnite complete with spectacular tracks, intuitive controls, and non-stop action. Players can test their skills against friends or compete with racers worldwide in ranked online matches.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Epic Games and bring the intense competitive racing from Rocket League to Fortnite players and fans around the globe,” said Psyonix VP Jeremy Dunham. “Rocket Racing underscores our commitment to creating best-in-class multiplayer racing experiences.”

Flip, Turbo and Dodge Your Way to Victory

Rocket Racing introduces daring new techniques like air dodges, turbo boosts, and inverted racing across vertical wall segments. Mastering these abilities is key to maneuvering Fortnite’s wildly imaginative tracks filled with death-defying jumps and seemingly impossible obstacles.

“Rocket Racing delivers an instantly accessible, over-the-top racing experience that perfectly complements Fortnite’s vibrant world,” said Epic Games Creative Director Donald Mustard. “And this is just the beginning as we have huge plans to continue advancing and expanding Rocket Racing in 2024 and beyond.”

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26 Tracks to Race and Customize Your Ride

The launch of Rocket Racing also marks the kickoff of Fortnite’s Season Zero. This inaugural season includes 26 imaginatively designed tracks categorized across Novice, Advanced and Expert difficulty levels. Players can toggle their privacy settings to jump into public online races or reserve matches for friends and party members only.

In addition to racing, players can unlock and equip various customization items to create their dream battle car. Whether it’s boosting top speed, acceleration or handling, fine-tuning your vehicle to match your racing style is key. Expect additional customization options including new rocket boosters, wheels, paint jobs and decals to drop throughout Season Zero.

More Modes, Events and Seasons Coming Soon

Epic promises Rocket Racing is just getting warmed up. The publisher revealed online leaderboards and tournament events are slated for Season Zero later this month with integrated speed run challenges across all tracks. Fan-created tracks built in Fortnite Creative will also rollout enabling the community to design custom races.

The real excitement hits in 2024 with the launch of Rocket Racing’s Season One. While light on details, Epic teased more gameplay modes, original tracks, in-game events, thematic car customizations and an overhailing of ranked competitive racing are all in store.

Strap in and prepare for lift-off! Rocket Racing delivers heart-pounding, rocket-powered racing unlike anything seen in Fortnite before. And with ambitious post-launch support planned, Rocket Racing is poised to become a fan-favorite Fortnite experience for years to come.

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