LEGO and Epic Games Build Exciting New Adventure with LEGO® Fortnite

LEGO and Epic Games Build Exciting New Adventure with LEGO® Fortnite

In an unexpected collaboration revealed today, family-friendly toymaker LEGO has partnered with video game developer Epic Games to bring a new LEGO-themed Fortnite experience to players. LEGO® Fortnite offers fans of the battle royale shooter an imaginative new building and survival adventure to enjoy.

Staying true to Fortnite’s core premise of gathering resources and creating structures, LEGO Fortnite allows players to harvest LEGO bricks rather than traditional materials. They can then use those bricks to construct anything they can imagine across the familiar Fortnite island locales rendered in LEGO form.

Players have the choice between a more relaxed Sandbox mode where they can spawn items at will to unleash their creativity or take on the survival-focused challenges of a standard Fortnite match in Survival mode. The LEGO makeover puts a family-friendly spin on the normally intense player-vs-player battles, focusing more on cooperation and problem-solving.

Up to 8 Players Can Share the Fun

LEGO Fortnite supports parties of up to 8 players, allowing kids and parents alike to squad up and take on this blocky new world together. Players can grant up to 7 others special “key holder” access to their world, enabling friends to collaboratively build whether the world owner is online or not.

Over 1,200 Outfits Unlock LEGO Styles

Along with the colorful environs, over 1,200 existing Fortnite outfits will also be adapted into LEGO styles. For example, the popular Brite Bomber skin will now have a distinct blocky LEGO variant that long-time players can enjoy. These LEGO makeovers are granted automatically with outfits players already own rather than needing to be purchased separately.

For those without existing outfits, default characters are provided free of charge. And complementary emotes are on offer to better express a player’s mood as they explore the world.

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Building Tools Expand Creative Options

To ease the harvesting and construction process, LEGO Fortnite introduces crafting benches for constructing essential tools like pickaxes, weapons, and more. Gathered bricks can then be turned into elaborate LEGO structures as well as modular bricks of different shapes and colors.

With skill and diligence, players can erect entire villages filled with LEGO characters. Special villager allies can also be rescued while adventuring, helping build thriving LEGO communities.

Surviving the Night Hinges on Preparation

When playing in Survival mode, the standard considerations of staying fed and fending off rivals still apply. Therefore, building a quick campfire and shelter are critical tasks for surviving that first night.

Stockpiling more resources before darkness falls allows for establishing greater defenses and amenities right from the start. With daylight, MED players are then free to expand horizons and unlock additional LEGO-fied friends and foes.

Pick Up Your Bricks and Start Building Today

LEGO Fortnite is available starting today on Windows PCs, PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Just like an actual box of LEGO bricks, the only limit is your imagination. So pick your platform, gather your fellow players, and start exploring this cute new take on the competitive shooter today.

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