Forza Horizon 5 Races to New Heights with Over 32 Million Players

Forza Horizon 5 Races to New Heights with Over 32 Million Players

Forza Horizon 5, the latest open-world racing video game in the acclaimed Forza franchise developed by Playground Games, has smashed an incredible milestone of over 32 million players since its launch in November 2021. This remarkable achievement cements the game’s status as one of the most successful racing titles in recent years.

Massive Growth in Playerbase

According to data revealed on Twitter, Forza Horizon 5 reached the 32 million player count in June 2022, showing massive growth from 30 million players reported just a month prior in May.

Going even further back, it took the game only 4 months to jump from 10 million to 20 million players after its record-breaking launch week. For perspective, Forza Horizon 4 took over 2 years to reach a similar mark.

This exponential growth demonstrates the game’s incredible popularity and replay value amongst racing fans. Playground Games has managed to cultivate a highly engaged community of over 32 million players in less than a year.

The active monthly user count also paints a positive picture, with over 8 million monthly active users reported in June 2022. This shows that beyond the initial launch buzz, a sizable chunk of the playerbase has developed a deeper connection with the game.

Biggest Xbox Game Studios Launch

Right from day one, Forza Horizon 5 was poised for success. According to official statistics from Microsoft, the game secured the crown for the biggest launch day in Xbox Game Studios history with over 4.5 million players on November 9, 2021.

In the first week alone, the game amassed an impressive 10 million players, over 3 times the first-week figures of its predecessor Forza Horizon 4. This makes it the highest-grossing Xbox game launch to date.

Forza Horizon 5 released simultaneously on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One consoles, Windows PCs, and Xbox Game Pass. The accessibility across multiple platforms, coupled with the massive buzz generated by fans and reviewers, led to unprecedented engagement on launch day that continues its momentum even today.

The hype was palpable on social media leading up to launch day. Fans could not hold back their excitement for the next entry in the acclaimed open-world racing franchise. Hashtags related to the game trended for days, while early reviews poured praise on the visuals and expansive world. Xbox could not have asked for a better flagship launch title to usher in the new generation.

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Post-Launch Support and Expansions

While most racing titles experience a dip in interest post-launch, Forza Horizon 5 has managed to buck this trend thanks to the stellar post-release support from Playground Games.

Since November 2021, the developers have consistently released new content updates every month. This includes new cars, game modes, quality-of-life fixes, seasonal events, and two major paid expansions.

In July 2022, Hot Wheels was added as the first expansion featuring adrenaline-pumping orange Hot Wheels tracks set in Mexico’s rugged terrain. Just this March, the Rally Adventure expansion was launched with challenging off-road courses.

The Hot Wheels DLC in particular was praised for capturing the gravity-defying thrills of the iconic toy car tracks. Players expressed joy at being able to recreate their childhood Hot Wheels fantasies in the expansive open world of Mexico. This high-quality post-launch content strategy has enabled Playground Games to keep players engaged for the long haul.

There is always something new coming down the pipeline for Forza Horizon 5 fans to look forward to.

The Road Ahead

The incredible success of Forza Horizon 5 bodes well for the franchise moving forward. Its next installment, Forza Motorsport, arrives on October 2023 exclusively for Xbox Series X/S and Windows PCs.

With the learnings from Horizon 5, fans can expect the same commitment to quality and long-term player engagement from Forza Motorsport. If Playground Games can replicate even a fraction of Horizon 5’s success, it cements their reputation as leaders in the racing genre.

Forza Motorsport promises to bring revolutionary simulated physics and ray tracing powered graphics to next-gen consoles. With a renewed focus on turning Forza into a truly competitive esport, Motorsport aims to complement the more accessible Horizon series. Xbox hopes to dominate the racing market by catering to both casual and hardcore racing fans.

For now, congratulations are in order for Playground Games for the astounding achievement of over 32 million players. Forza Horizon 5 is undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful racing titles of the decade so far, with no signs of slowing down thanks to its thriving community and post-launch support. The open roads of Mexico will continue buzzing with high-octane racing action for the foreseeable future.



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Forza Horizon 5 with Over 32 Million Players
Forza Horizon 5 Races to New Heights
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