Nintendo Fans Eagerly Await Switch 2 Games – Rumors, Wishlists and Anticipation Build for the Next-Gen Console

Nintendo Fans Eagerly Await Switch 2 Games – Rumors, Wishlists and Anticipation Build for the Next-Gen Console

As rumors swirl regarding Nintendo’s next-generation console, tentatively referred to as the Nintendo Switch 2, fans are buzzing with speculation about potential launch titles and dream games. While Nintendo has yet to make any official announcements about the Switch 2, leaks, insider tips and enthusiast wishlists paint a compelling picture of what users can hope to see on the new hardware.

Credible Leaks Point to Exciting Launch Possibilities

While specifics remain uncertain, a handful of leaks from reputable sources give tantalizing clues about what Switch 2 early adopters can expect.

Notable Nintendo insider Zippo claims a new 2D Donkey Kong game has likely finished development and is primed for a 2024 Switch 2 release. With the last side-scrolling Donkey Kong title, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, launching way back in 2014, a new retro-inspired adventure starring the iconic ape seems long overdue.

Zippo also hints that discussions on famiboards point to a new Monster Hunter installment for the Switch 2. Capcom’s action-RPG series has already seen success on the original Switch with Monster Hunter Rise. Another entry optimized for the Switch 2’s presumed technical upgrades makes perfect sense as a marquee launch title.

Other leaks indicate additional launch possibilities like a new Pokémon RPG, a Super Monkey Ball revival and a second next-gen Monster Hunter game. Nintendo platforms traditionally kick off with a big Pokémon release, so a brand new title would follow expectations. Meanwhile, Super Monkey Ball would continue Sega’s ongoing support for Nintendo hardware.

Fan Wishlists Full of Highly Requested Sequels

Beyond conjectured launch games, Nintendo loyalists have plenty of most-wanted titles they’d love to see on the Switch 2. Two sequels in particular stand out from respondents polled on Reddit and other platforms – Super Mario Odyssey 2 and Mario Kart 9.

Since its release in 2017, Super Mario Odyssey has become one of the Nintendo Switch’s most critically acclaimed and best-selling titles. A direct sequel with new kingdoms to explore and new ways to utilize Mario’s sentient cap companion Cappy would be a Day 1 purchase for millions.

Likewise, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has dominated sales charts for the entire Switch lifecycle. Mario Kart 9 with new characters, customization options and track themes would undoubtedly thrill Nintendo faithful.

Adding installments from these two tentpole Nintendo franchises would provide the Switch 2 with compelling, system-selling exclusives right out the gate.

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Our Dream Games – New IP and Exciting Ports

Looking beyond sequels, we’ve compiled a list of titles that would perfectly complement the Switch 2’s beefed up hardware capabilities.

For a new first-party IP, our pie-in-the-sky choice would be a stylish sci-fi shooter from Nintendo EPD. They’ve expanded their repertoire with the likes of Splatoon and ARMS, so an original futuristic adventure built from the ground up for Switch 2 could be amazing.

In terms of third-party ports, near the top of our wishlist is Baldur’s Gate 3. Its predecessor found success on Switch despite being an epic, technically demanding RPG. Optimized for Switch 2, Baldur’s Gate 3 would represent a new level of ambition for portable gaming.

Cyberpunk 2077 also feels like a great match for the Switch 2; Night City’s sprawling open world would truly shine on a higher-powered handheld. And PS4 megahits like God of War, Spider-Man and Horizon Forbidden West could each find a second home on Switch 2.

The Waiting Game Continues

As excitement around the Switch 2 continues building, Nintendo has advised patience, confirming new hardware won’t release in 2022. This indicates a 2023-2024 launch is most likely.

Whenever the Switch successor arrives, it’s certain to come with renewed forms of Nintendo magic. With so many phenomenal franchises at their disposal, Nintendo should have no problem sustaining the excellent game output fans have come to expect.

Until official Switch 2 announcements emerge, the leaks, wishlists and possibilities will continue fueling anticipation. For Nintendo devotees, speculating about the next-gen games sure beats playing the waiting game.


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