Trainers Can Now Party Everywhere with Pokémon GO’s New Party Play Feature

Trainers Can Now Party Everywhere with Pokémon GO’s New Party Play Feature

Pokémon GO has rolled out a highly anticipated new social feature worldwide – Party Play. Available starting October 17, 2023, Party Play allows up to four Trainers to adventure together in a shared Pokémon GO experience.

Party Play enables Trainers level 15 and above to see each other’s avatars on the in-game map. Players can complete exciting new Party Challenges, gain raid bonuses through Party Power, and review their group activities in the Activity Summary.

How Party Play Works

With Party Play, a Trainer can host or join an in-game party. The host creates a unique numerical code or QR code to share with up to three nearby friends. Once the party is formed, the Trainers are returned to the map to play together.

Hosting a Party

To host a party, open your Trainer profile and tap the new Party tab. Select “Create” and share your unique code with friends. When ready, tap “Start” to begin the fun.

Joining a Party

Find the Party tab in your profile, choose “Join Party”, and scan the host’s QR code or enter their numerical code. Wait for the host to start the party, and you’ll see your friends on the map.

Complete Exciting Party Challenges

One major feature of Party Play is completing Party Challenges as a group. After starting a party, you’ll get a popup prompting you to select a challenge focused on activities like:

  • Spinning PokéStops
  • Catching specific Pokémon
  • Winning raids
  • Earning Buddy hearts
  • And more!

Finish the challenge to earn rewards like XP, Stardust, and items. With limitless possibilities, Party Challenges keep the gameplay fresh and collaborative.

The First Party Challenge – Catch 30 Ghosts

For Halloween 2023, the inaugural Party Challenge tasks your group with catching 30 Ghost-type Pokémon together.

Pokémon like Gastly, Misdreavus, Shuppet, Yamask, and Pumpkaboo will be appearing more frequently. Work together to track them down and add to your tally.

Completing this challenge nets rewards like Ghost-type Candy, Silver Pinap Berries, and Sinnoh Stones – perfect for evolving creepy new allies!

Boosted Raid Power with Party Play

When your party takes on a raid boss, you’ll have access to the new Party Power bonus. Party Power doubles the damage of your next Charged Attack and charges faster with more party members.

The more friends in your party, the quicker your Party Power charges – up to 4x faster when full. Party Power lets your squad defeat those Tier 5 bosses with ease!

Use Party Power Against Mega Banette

Your party’s first opportunity to use Party Power will be against the Ghost-type Mega Banette. This powerful Mega-Evolved Pokémon is appearing in Mega Raids from October 19 to 31.

With a full party of four, your Party Power will charge incredibly fast. Time your Charged Attacks to unleash boosted damage on Mega Banette. Teaming up with friends makes taking down this scary Mega Raid boss much easier!

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Review Your Party’s Achievements

The new Activity Summary tracks your party’s progress across categories like:

  • Pokémon (catches, hatches, evolutions)
  • Throws (excellent, curved, landed)
  • Adventure (distance walked, PokéStops spun)
  • Battles (raids won, trainers defeated)
  • and General stats.

Bookmark favorite activities to quickly check them under the Favorites section. The Party tab and PokéStop icon also give quick access to your party’s latest Activity Summary.

Share and Review the Activity Summary

After completing Party Challenges and raids, be sure to view the Activity Summary with your friends. Swap stories about your favorite moments and achievements. Did you track down that rare Gengar encounter? Who landed the most Excellent Throws?

Sharing your adventures and stats creates fun bonding moments. And reviewing the Activity Summary might motivate your party to keep pursuing goals together!

Why Niantic Added Party Play

Party Play brings players together to complete challenges and share experiences in innovative social gameplay. Players have long requested enhanced cooperative features.

As Niantic’s Global Marketing Lead Michael Steranka explains:

“We heard Trainers loud and clear ask for a better way to play Pokémon GO with friends. Party Play enhances the overall experience and deepens that connection Trainer have with their community.”

The new bonuses like Party Power also make group play more rewarding and strategic.

Party Play Ushers in Pokémon GO’s Halloween 2023 Event

The global Party Play rollout coincidentally aligns with Pokémon GO’s spooky Halloween 2023 event. From October 19 to 31, parties can complete Halloween-themed challenges and use Party Power against Ghost and Dark-type raid bosses.

With Party Play, Trainers can easily:

  • Explore their neighborhood together to find spooky Pokémon
  • Take AR photos of avatars with decorations
  • Defeat Mega Banette raids with boosted Party Power
  • Dress up avatars in costume and candy-hunt as a group

As Michael Steranka says:

“Halloween is the perfect time to enjoy this new way of playing Pokémon GO. Party Play provides a great reason to get together with friends, explore neighborhoods, and create unforgettable memories.”

Celebrate Halloween with Your Party!

Don’t miss out on using Party Play to celebrate Halloween 2023! Gather your friends, dress up your avatars, and enjoy seasonal challenges together.

Party Play takes cooperation to the next level, immersing your group in the Pokémon GO AR world. Making memories and catching spooky Pokémon as a party makes this Halloween one you won’t forget!

The Future of Party Play

While Party Play is launching with basic features, Niantic plans to build upon the framework over time. Some possibilities they teased include:

  • Location-based Party Challenges to encourage exploration
  • Integration with other social features like gifting and trading
  • Larger party sizes or remote party joining
  • Party Chat
  • Mini-games, quizzes or battles

For now, Trainers can enjoy partying up with friends for Halloween-themed fun. Party Play provides a long-awaited way to cooperate, communicate, and immerse yourself in Pokémon GO’s world together.

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