RTX 4090 Power Supply Guide – Wattage, Efficiency and Brands

RTX 4090 Power Supply Guide – Wattage, Efficiency and Brands

The newly released Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics card brings exceptional performance and visuals to high-end gaming PCs and workstations. However, its power requirements are also exceptionally high compared to previous generation cards. Choosing the right power supply is crucial to unlock the RTX 4090’s full potential without stability or safety issues. 

This comprehensive guide examines the RTX 4090’s power needs, recommended wattage, efficiency ratings, and the best PSU brands and models to consider for optimal performance.

In-Depth Look at the RTX 4090’s Power Requirements

The RTX 4090 has a total board power (TBP) rating of 450W. This is the amount of power the card can draw under full load gaming or intensive workstation tasks. However, for peak transient power spikes, the 4090 can briefly exceed its TBP and pull over 500W. These short spikes often occur when workloads suddenly increase, like entering a graphically intensive game area or starting a GPU rendering task.

The card requires a new specially designed 3x 8-pin 12VHPWR power connector. This connector replaces the previous-generation 12-pin adapter and can deliver up to 600W on its own directly to the graphics card. However, the rest of the system components need adequate power as well.

When configuring your power supply, aim for at least 150-200W above the graphics card’s TBP. This provides a safe buffer for the CPU, memory, storage, case fans and other components that draw power in your build. A 750-850W unit is recommended for most RTX 4090 builds running a mainstream CPU like an AMD Ryzen 7600X or Intel Core i5-13600K.

Higher-end processors like the Ryzen 9 7950X or Intel Core i9-13900KS can benefit from a more powerful 1000-1200W unit instead. The 7950X for example has a 170W TDP that must be factored in. A quality 1000W PSU provides plenty of headroom even for an overclocked 4090 and 7950X combo.

Using a high-quality 1000W+ unit can maximize overclocking headroom for both the GPU and CPU and improve overall system stability. However, a capable 850W PSU is sufficient for a stock-clocked RTX 4090 build with a mid-range CPU. The key is ensuring stable, efficient power delivery with an adequate buffer above the graphics card’s peak transient power spikes.

Why High Efficiency Ratings Are Essential for the RTX 4090

When selecting a power supply for use with the RTX 4090, its 80 Plus efficiency rating should be carefully considered for both performance and electricity cost reasons. The 80 Plus program certifies PSUs based on their efficiency at different load levels – 20%, 50% and 100% load.

Models with 80 Plus Gold certification or better are strongly recommended. High-efficiency PSUs like these maintain between 87-94% efficiency at typical load levels. This reduces excess waste heat and ensures clean, stable power delivery even at the RTX 4090’s peak power draws.

Using an entry-level 80 Plus Bronze unit with a flagship GPU like the RTX 4090 is not advisable. Their 82-85% efficiency leaves less headroom for graphics card power spikes. Low-efficiency power supplies can overheat and trigger shutdowns when running near their limit. They also waste substantially more electricity as heat which impacts your energy bill over time.

For the best experience, an 80 Plus Gold or higher certified 850-1000W power supply is recommended. This maintains excellent efficiency even at the high loads that the RTX 4090 can reach during gaming or GPU compute tasks. Choosing a reputable model ensures electrical waste is minimized while your graphics card receives optimized, reliable power.

The RTX 4090’s extremely high power demands mean a top-tier power supply is required to handle it properly. Here are some of the most reputable PSU brands along with high wattage models suitable for the 4090:


  1. Corsair HXi Series: The HXi lineup includes 80 Plus Platinum certified units ranging from 1000W to 1600W. They offer fully modular cables, ultra-low noise levels, and extreme voltage regulation for stable power.
  2. Corsair HX Series: The HX models come in wattages from 850W up to 1200W with 80 Plus Gold certification. They feature a zero RPM fan mode and 10 year warranty for long-term reliability.
  3. Corsair RM Series: The RM lineup spans 550W to 1000W power supplies with 80 Plus Gold efficiency. They offer low noise output and fully modular cables for clean builds.


  1. EVGA SuperNOVA G6: EVGA’s flagship power supply ranging from 650W to 1000W with 80 Plus Gold ratings and fully modular, low-profile cables.
  2. EVGA SuperNOVA P6: The P6 series are available from 850W to 1200W with Platinum certification. They use a compact design with quiet, efficient and reliable power delivery.
  3. EVGA SuperNOVA T2: EVGA’s T2 Titanium models range from 650W to 1600W. They offer ultra-high 94% efficiency with a 10 year warranty and quiet operation.


  1. Seasonic Prime TX: 80 Plus Titanium efficiency and models from 650W to 1000W make this ideal for the RTX 4090. Hybrid Fan Control minimizes noise profile.
  2. Seasonic Prime PX: The 80 Plus Platinum Prime PX spans 650W to 1500W models with premium Japanese capacitors and sophisticated power delivery.
  3. Seasonic Focus GX: Budget-friendly fully modular PSUs with 80 Plus Gold certification. Wattages range from 550W to 1000W.

Cooler Master

  1. Cooler Master V SFX Gold: Compact SFX form factor models from 750W to 850W with 80 Plus Gold efficiency ratings.
  2. Cooler Master V Platinum: Full size 80 Plus Platinum PSU ranging from 650W to 1500W. Designed for high-end builds with stable, efficient power delivery.

No matter which brand you choose, look for models that offer at least a 5 year warranty for 850W and above. This indicates a high-quality power supply engineered to handle powerful graphics cards like the RTX 4090.

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Detailed Power Supply Recommendations By Use Case

Here are some tailored power supply recommendations for common RTX 4090 build configurations:

  • Standard gaming PC: An 850W 80 Plus Gold PSU such as the Corsair RM850x or EVGA Supernova 850 GA is ideal. This provides plenty of headroom for an RTX 4090 paired with a mid-range CPU like a Ryzen 5600X or Core i5-12600K.
  • High-end desktop: Aim for a 1000-1200W 80 Plus Gold or Platinum model such as the EVGA 1000 P6, Corsair HX1200 or Seasonic Prime PX-1000. This allows serious overclocking of the RTX 4090 and top-tier CPUs like the Core i9-13900KS or Ryzen 9 7950X.
  • Compact mini-ITX build: Look for a 750-850W SFX form factor PSU like the Corsair SF750 which can comfortably power an RTX 4090 with a mid-range CPU in a small case.
  • Quiet productivity build: An 80 Plus Platinum unit such as the Seasonic Prime TX-850 can deliver ultra-quiet operation thanks to its semi-passive fan control while driving an RTX 4090.
  • Liquid cooled & overclocked: For custom loop setups, a 1200W+ 80 Plus Platinum model such as the Asus ROG Thor 1200P has headroom for extreme OC on GPU and CPU.
  • Workstation PC: Aim for a 1000W+ 80 Plus Platinum PSU such as the Seasonic Prime PX-1250 to ensure rock solid stability under heavy rendering or compute workloads.

Remember to account for both transient power spikes and your specific CPU selection when choosing a suitable power supply wattage and efficiency level.

Advanced Power Supply Features for RTX 4090 Builds

Beyond wattage and efficiency ratings, high-end PSUs optimized for graphics cards like the RTX 4090 offer other advanced features:

  • Fully modular cables: Makes builds much tidier by only connecting the exact cables needed to components. Avoid clutter with a fully modular design.
  • Low ripple noise: Quality PSUs ensure very low ripple noise on DC output lines for clean stable power to sensitive graphics cards.
  • Tight voltage regulation: Excellent voltage regulation minimizes dips and spikes on DC rails during gaming load transients to maximize stability.
  • High quality capacitors: Japanese capacitors from brands like Nippon Chemi-Con ensure reliable performance under high temperatures and heavy loads.
  • Zero RPM fan mode: The PSU fan stops spinning completely under lighter loads for silent operation during general desktop work.
  • Compact dimensions: Many high wattage PSUs now come in compact 150mm depths perfect for fitting in space-constrained cases.
  • Single +12V rail design: A single powerful +12V rail can deliver the full wattage to power hungry GPUs rather than multi-rail designs.

Consider models with advanced features tailored for powering top-tier graphics cards to maximize the performance and stability of your RTX 4090 gaming rig or workstation.


The Nvidia RTX 4090 delivers incredible GPU computational power, but needs an equally capable power supply to reach its full potential. An 850W 80 Plus Gold unit from a trusted brand provides the ideal mix of wattage and efficiency for most standard builds. More demanding use cases benefit from an even higher wattage Platinum model in the 1000-1200W range.

No matter your specific configuration, choose a quality PSU with an adequate buffer above the RTX 4090’s peak power requirements. Advanced features like fully modular cabling, quiet profiles and extreme voltage regulation help maximize real-world performance. With a suitably robust power supply, you can unlock the immense capabilities of the RTX 4090 for next generation gaming, creation and compute workloads.

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