Omeda Studios Unveils Highly Anticipated PlayStation Closed Beta for Predecessor MOBA

Omeda Studios Unveils Highly Anticipated PlayStation Closed Beta for Predecessor MOBA

London-based gaming studio Omeda Studios has announced the closed beta for their third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Predecessor will launch on PlayStation on December 5, 2023. This marks a major milestone for the indie developer as they expand the cross-platform capabilities of the game.

Predecessor first emerged in 2020 as a community-led successor to Epic Games’ Paragon after it was shut down. Led by veteran MOBA player Robbie Singh, Omeda Studios was formed with the goal of continuing Paragon’s legacy. After raising $22.2 million in funding and spending two years in development, Predecessor launched in early access on PC to critical acclaim from fans.

Now Omeda Studios is ready to bring console players into the fold with this PlayStation closed beta ahead of a full launch. This presents an exciting opportunity for PS5 and PS4 owners interested in competitive multiplayer gaming.

Immersive Strategic 5v5 Hero Combat

At its core, Predecessor revolves around strategic 5v5 matches between two teams. Players take control of powerful heroes, each with their own unique abilities, to battle it out across a three-lane map. Between contending with AI-controlled minions, taking down turrets, and outmaneuvering enemy players, matches require coordination and adaptive strategies to succeed.

Unlike other top-down MOBAs, Predecessor utilizes a third-person camera perspective for full immersion on the battlefield. This allows for more action-oriented gameplay where threats can emerge from any direction. Players must keep their guard up and dynamically respond to the changing conditions around them.

Predecessor also provides ample opportunities for tailoring your hero’s capabilities to suit different playstyles. Throughout a match, heroes earn gold to purchase a wide variety of items from an in-shop menu. These items grant game-changing effects like teleportation, invisibility and time manipulation that can turn the tide of battle.

Cross-Platform Play with PC

A major highlight of the closed beta is the introduction of cross-platform multiplayer between PlayStation and PC players. This combines the two player pools, ensuring quick matchmaking times and competitive games. Console gamers can now test their skills against the seasoned PC fanbase.

Cross-platform play also fosters a more connected community, allowing friends to play together regardless of their platform. For a multiplayer-focused game like Predecessor that relies on an active user base, reducing fragmentation is key to healthy long-term growth.

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Diverse Roster of 30+ Heroes

Predecessor boasts a diverse roster of over 30 unique heroes already, providing ample variety in playstyles and team composition. Some heroes excel at dealing damage, while others focus on support or tanking damage. Finding the right hero synergies between teammates is crucial.

Popular heroes include the sword-wielding assassin Kallari who can turn invisible to ambush enemies, and the mystical Fey whose nature magic provides healing and disables. Newcomers will have plenty of options to experiment with to find their optimal playstyle.

For diehard Paragon fans, Predecessor stays true to many of the original hero designs and abilities while also introducing fresh new faces. The development team maintains the legacy of Paragon, while still pushing the game forward.

Laying the Groundwork for Full Launch

This closed beta marks an instrumental testing phase for Omeda Studios as they polish up the game for full launch. As a smaller indie studio, gathering feedback from a wide audience is crucial for ironing out any bugs or imbalances ahead of release.

Granting console players their first hands-on time with Predecessor will provide invaluable data on how the game performs on PlayStation. With gaming technology continually evolving, thorough testing across all platforms ensures optimal quality and accessible gaming for all.

The progress veterans have already made with the PC early access version will carry over to the closed beta and full launch. For new players, this is the perfect chance to get started on understanding the complexities of Predecessor before the official launch. No progress made during the beta will be reset.

Registration for the Closed Beta Now Open

Starting today, players in North America and the EU can register online to join the closed beta by providing their email address. Omeda Studios will be sending out PS4 and PS5 closed beta codes on a first-come first-served basis to registrants while supplies last.

Spots are sure to fill up quickly given the hype surrounding Predecessor’s arrival on console. This is the first step for hopeful players to secure a spot early and join the passionate community that has rallied behind Omeda Studios’ ambitious vision.

Those selected will be notified by December 5 when the closed beta servers go live. They can start downloading the client ahead of time to jump into matches as soon as the beta starts. Participants are encouraged to provide constructive feedback throughout the beta period to aid Predecessor’s development.

The Future Looks Bright for Predecessor

With over 100,000 players already registered and an impressive Early Access launch, Predecessor has built considerable excitement around its fresh take on the MOBA genre. Omeda Studios has demonstrated steady progress and transparency with fans during development.

Now on the cusp of a major console closed beta milestone with cross-platform play, the future looks brighter than ever for Predecessor. The indie studio is poised to fulfill the promise of an immersive, strategic MOBA experience that can unite both console and PC gamers under one shared community.

For MOBA fans yearning for the next big competitive multiplayer game, Predecessor deserves a top spot on your radar. Be sure to register ASAP for your chance to help test the PlayStation closed beta starting December 5!

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